“what if all i have to give are explorations of self loathing?”

What I love about being queer is that we are able to question so much of what it means to be human and what it’s like to be different. We push boundaries of culture, religion and empowerment and are able to taste the different forms of love like not everyone can. And I love how being queer allows me to explore the many questions left unexplored!

I remember the moment one of my colleagues knew that I’m queer, she couldn’t help but repeat over and over, “but you’re so beautiful..”, and although it sounds a bit harsh, I understand that it’s her way of expressing her disbelief. There are so many stereotypes that lock us up into neat little boxes and over the years, the LGBTQ community have tried to show the world that our very existence has freed us from being put inside society’s hetero-normative boxes and that our struggle, no matter how dark or slow, has allowed us to be agents of change in an age where narrow minded people dominate.

Thank you Tegan and Sara for leading me to this brilliant book, and thank you Vivek Shraya and the rest of the contributors for teaching us so much. 😀



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