the unstoppable force and the immovable object

“What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?”

I’ve always been fascinated with Imagine Me and You’s use of physics to connect with the audience. And I have to admit, I have watched it more than once. It’s cliche, but I enjoy it. I even named a playlist after it. But the question’s been playing in my head ever since I first saw the film.


Over the holidays, I was convinced that I would tell her.

One day we met up and I sat there with my notebooks filled with cheesy vulnerability, conscious of the time when our time alone would come to an end and waiting, as always, waiting for that one moment I’d finally be naked before her. I waited it out and let her talk, stealing glimpses, all the while listening to her updates and concerns.

A moment came. And then passed. Another opportunity came up as the silence urged me on to speak up, but I let it slip.

I just couldn’t bring myself to tell her all the years I’ve kept inside. Whatever was holding me back might have been a manifestation of the truth I’ve suspected all along: that maybe what we have has always been, is and will be enough.

Well I tried. Hey, maybe one sided love affairs is all I’ll ever be good at and maybe it’s all that i’ll be capable of. It’s not self-pity, it’s just an acknowledgement of that potential one way street that I’m prepared to tread throughout my lifetime, is all I’m saying.

The confession never took place. I thought I was ready but alas, no amount of preparation could ever compare to the actual experience.

I won’t be attempting to tell her anymore. This is enough. The notebooks and the playlists will be enough.


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