Are enhanced viruses the next human wonder pill?

Earlier I received a videolink from Upworthy and it caught my eye mainly because it involved the Medical field. So, I played the video and I ended up crying. See video here.


The problem with people seeing Hope is that it drives the helpless hungry, sometimes in extremes, to the point of violence and or lunacy; Hope is that moment when someone suddenly decides to give away a sack of rice to every household daily for no particular reason or cost. There’s nothing wrong with that, but there’s always that off chance of abuse from both parties. Plus, those who have grown to live meagerly can’t help but feel a twinge of sadness because yes, rice arrived, but it arrived too late–well, too late for some family members that is.

It’s actually good news for humans to use their knowledge and technology on disease and genetics for finding a cure or ways of relieving misery, but after seeing this particular video, I can’t help but agree that yes, ignorance indeed is bliss.

Time passes but we cannot forget. No matter how much we justify how we’re so much better and that we can move on with our lives without the presence of the people who are gone, the memories still haunt our present, and regrets will still cling to our future.

His smile lingers and his absence has never been so loud. I miss you, dear father, and I wish you were here now.

So I guess this will serve as a post-Father’s day greeting of sorts? Or maybe not. He’s very much alive, and I don’t really need a certain day to remember how great and gentle my Papa was, IS. The best I can do is to live out my life in a way that I am true to myself and yet still able to watch over my family and the rest of the people I care about.

Too bad the HIV discovery came only 8 years after.

I still get emotional over things like loss, I can’t help it, I was designed to compete for survival, to develop myself and yet it all feels useless because after all the efforts, I still lost someone over disease and/or bad habits, and I can’t do anything about it no matter what.  I know it’s not my fault, but isn’t there something else we can we do aside from accepting the fact that death is a natural part of life?

Maybe I’ll never get rid of this habit or maybe I will someday. For now, it seems like writing it down is my only outlet, and I’m better off with this than bawling over the past and the future and how unfair everything seems to be (I’m joking, I’m usually quiet when I cry and I try not to complain and think about me most of the time).

So this is it. Thanks for hearing me out.